Change is inevitable. Resilience is optional.

While the future of our COVID-19 world is uncertain, the skills we need to navigate and lead through it well are clear. Now more than ever, the world is in desperate need of braver, Change Ready leaders and more courageous, Change Resilient cultures. The difficult part is knowing how to upskill and where to start... and that's exactly why CLO was created!
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Why choose CLO?

  • We've done the hard work, so you can do the heart work!

    Over 20,000 hours of Executive Coaching and Corporate L&D Facilitation experience has been weaved into the fabric of this Program.

  • We guide the future proofing your Leadership Strategy!

    CLO is a Certification Pathway that masterfully guides users through an Executive Coaching journey (which usually costs thousands!) online.

  • We provide a learning experience, not a learning Program!

    The diverse and incredible minds that make up our connected global 'Change Igniter' Community adds significant value to each other's learning journeys.

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Whether you want to test the waters or dive right in, we've got you covered!


Check out what fellow 'Change Igniters' have to say

I am walking away from this so inspired!

Abbey Magee

I cannot describe the feeling of pure excitement and how inspired I am coming off that course. Alison explains everything in such depth and with such calm. I hope to be a better person in both my work life and personal life. Thank you

A very worthwhile investment

A Miller, Managing Director

CLO provided hope in the most challenging year that our family business has ever faced. It helped me think differently about how we pave our way through the chaos and come out the other end as a stronger, more connected and commercially viable business - something that I doubted an online learning program could ever do. My deepest thanks and gratitude to those involved in bringing such an amazing leadership development tool to life.

Highly recommend!

A Scanlan, Ipswich Hospital

Thanks to CLO, I now better understand the science and emotional data behind why I struggle with change. CLO normalised how I feel about it and gave me some amazing practical tools and the confidence to look at change with an optimistic lens. The Program itself was very user friendly and engaging. I particularly loved the downloadable resources and will continue to use them in the years to come. Thank you CLO!

Amazing L&D Tool

S Lincoln, HR Manager

The Explorer Program was a cost effective way for me to experience CLO first hand and assess whether it would be a suitable L&D tool for our Executive Team. I was blown away by the little snippet I experienced and have since signed our ET up for the full Certification – it has been incredibly well received and as such, we will be rolling it out across middle managers as well.

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