Let's talk about Change

As businesses look to the post-COVID future, one thing is for sure – finding operational flow and efficiency through the acceleration and relentless pace of change (our new norm!) is a top priority. 

Long term business planning is now five (5) years; when we consider how quickly the rug can be pulled from under us (cue in COVID), organizations aren’t left with much wriggle room to generate momentum and impact. Change Readiness and Change Resilience is a critical strategic priority. Organizations have to ensure their people are equipped with the skills to find opportunity in disruption, respond quickly and decisively through uncertainty, bring calm to chaos and leverage creativity in unpredictable ways to thrive through change. 

As such, the expertise of Executive Coaches and Consultants who are skilled in growing organizations' capacity to lead through and facilitate change internally, has never been so critical (and sought after!).

... add successful Transformational Change Leadership Programs to your repertoire with CLO.

Why choose CLO?

A low cost, high impact tool that will revitalize your service offering

  • It expands your organizational footprint and earning capacity

    CLO adds a digital dimension (and new revenue stream!) to your service offering that enables you to have wider reach whilst safeguarding your personal time and resources.

  • It reinforces your positioning as a Change Expert with a global reach

    CLO provides your clients with a dynamic and memorable learning experience with access to world-class content and frameworks as well as the opportunity to connect with leaders from around the world.

  • It offers flexibility and creativity to your program design

    CLO re-invigorates the ways in which you design, deliver and progress successful Change initiatives with your clients; from discovery phases through to mentoring, action learning and group coaching.

Integration Support

The team at CLO have over six (6) years experience in designing and rolling out bespoke, high impact Change Leadership Programs. We’d be thrilled to have Discovery Conversation with you, to understand the specific requirements of your Clients, share our expertise and help map out the ways in which CLO may be integrated into your Service Offerings.

 Simply email your Full name, Company and Role (if applicable), Contact Number and a Brief Overview of your Requirements to info@ubalancer.com.au & one of our amazing CLO Support Team Members will be in touch.

Try before you buy?

Due Diligence is important - we get it!

The 'Explorer Program' will provide you with the opportunity to experience a short snippet of CLO (at a fraction of the price!), so you can better understand our approach to learning and whether the "vibe" of the Program may add value to your Service Offering.