• What's the difference between the Igniter Program & the Explorer Program?

    The Igniter Program provides access to the six (6) Pathways, Resources and Community Support required to complete and receive the CLO Certification. The Explorer Program however, provides limited access to Pathways (1 of 6 only), Resources and Community Support and does not meet Certification critera (it was designed to give users a taste of our approach to learning).

  • This website only allows me to purchase 1 subscription - can I purchase CLO in bulk?

    Good news - there is no cap to the amount of CLO subscriptions you can purchase! Better news - we apply economies of scale to purchase numbers, so the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Next steps? Simply email your Name, Company & Role (if applicable), Number of Subscriptions you're seeking & a high level overview of your Requirements to info@ubalancer.com.au and one of our amazing CLO Support Team Members will be in touch to discuss pricing options further.

  • Do I have to be an Executive to get value from CLO?

    No! CLO has been designed to guide both personal and professional leadership growth. It is suitable for anyone and everyone... from students finding their path to purpose, mums and dads hoping to reinvigorate how they parent, entrepreneurs wanting to make (not wait) for opportunities, Coaches and Consultants wanting to deepen their ability to serve, administration staff, middle management and C-Suite Executives who strive to thrive; CLO is for everyone.

  • How long does the CLO Certification take?

    The Igniter Program subscription is valid for 365 days. While users can work through the content at their own pace, we recommend a minimum of one (1) hour per week (to keep the learning momentum going!), which should enable you to complete the entire Certification in 3 - 6 months.

  • Can I revisit the Modules I have already completed?

    Absolutely! You have unlimited access to all learning content within the 365 day subscription.

  • Can I purchase CLO content as a SCORM file?

    Short answer, yes! If your Oganization already has an internal LMS that you'd like to integrate CLO content into and use for your own purposes, we'd love to chat. Simply email info@ubalancer.com.au & one of our friendly Support team members will be in touch to discuss pricing and logistics.

  • What is a 'Change Igniter'?

    A Change Igniter is the title anyone who completes the CLO Certification deservingly receives! Change Igniters are brave, empathetic, connected, curious and resilient leaders who are skilled at bringing their people on a change journey. Our Change Igniter community from around the world are invited to come together once a month for a virtual webinar facilitated by Alison, to deepen and enrich learning and also connect via our Private Facebook Group.

  • Can the team at CLO help design & roll out a bespoke & targeted Leadership Program for my team?

    Absolutely! the team at CLO has over 6 years’ experience in designing and rolling out bespoke Change Leadership Programs. We’d be thrilled to have a Discovery Conversation with you, to share our expertise, understand your specific requirements and help map out the ways in which CLO may be of most value to your team, organization or clients. Simply email your Full name, Company & Role (if applicable), Contact Number, the Number of Subscriptions & Brief Overview of your Requirements to info@ubalancer.com.au & one of our amazing CLO Support Team Members will be in touch within 48 hours.

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