Survive or Thrive? It's a choice.

Change triggers a threat response in the human brain, presenting a rather large obstacle for Leaders to overcome. Essentially, Leaders have two (2) choices:

Choice #1: Stay stuck in Change Resistance and set teams up to fail Choice #2: Grow Change Resilience and bring teams on the journey
Change invites uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds fear. Fear leads to anxiety. Anxiety triggers hypothesizing. Hypothesizing creates chaos. Chaos grows overwhelm. Overwhelm heightens distrust Change invites opportunity. Opportunity breeds excitement. Excitement leads to optimism. Optimism triggers possibility. Possibility creates innovation. Innovation grows connection. Connection heightens trust.
... a disengaged workforce barely surviving ... an engaged workforce that is thriving

COVID has highlighted that now more than ever, Leaders have a social and economic responsibility to address the human side of change. To equip themselves and their teams with the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills required to lean into change with optimism, to have courageous conversations, to celebrate the possibility found in uncertainty and to co-create brave new ways of working together.

The difficult part is knowing where to start or how do this and that is exactly what CLO has been designed to do.

Why choose CLO?

A low cost, high impact L&D tool designed to bring teams on a change journey

  • Is a transformational digital change and capability building platform

    CLO is an accessible and affordable tool that can be used across all layers of an organisation to create energy and momentum for successful transformation initiatives.

  • It prepares workforces to use change as a force for growth

    CLO is a hub of world-class content from thought leaders around the world in EQ and Neuroscience that addresses the challenges of Change Resistance and Change Resilience on an individual and team level.

  • It grows connection and a new language of leadership

    CLO is a powerful and consistent trust build platform that provides remote workforces with opportunities to connect, speak the same language of leadership and co-create new and inspiring ways of working.

Organizational Application

CLO was purposefully designed to have application across all industries, organizational structures and internal purposes – basically, there is nothing we can’t or won’t do, to help you achieve your desired team or organizational objectives. So while the possibilities are endless when it comes to the application of CLO, here are a few ideas that'll get your brain bubbling!

  • CLO is a robust onboarding tool that supports the transition of new recruits

  • CLO is a powerful online component that adds significant value to existing L&D Programs

  • CLO is a world-class blueprint for the design of transformational L&D Initiatives

  • CLO is a hub of transformational content that can be uploaded to existing internal LMS portals and used in whatever capacity is required

Integration Support

The team at CLO have over six (6) years’ experience in designing and rolling out bespoke, high impact Change Leadership Programs in high profile Organizations across Australia and New Zealand.

We’d be thrilled to have a Discovery Conversation to understand your specific requirements and help design a road map for successful integration. Simply email your Full name, Company & Role (if applicable), Contact Number and a brief Overview of your Requirements to & one of our amazing CLO Support Team Members will be in touch within 48 hours.